BigMemory Max delivers ultrafast access to hundreds of terabytes of in-memory data. BigMemory snaps into enterprise applications to deliver unmatched performance at any scale.

BigMemory Max supports a distributed in-memory data-storage topology, which enables the sharing of data among multiple caches and in-memory data stores in multiple JVMs. It uses a Terracotta Server Array to manage data that is shared by multiple application nodes in a cluster.

The Ehcache 2.x API can be used with BigMemory Max 4.x as a general-purpose cache/in-memory data store or a second-level cache for Hibernate. You can additionally integrate it with third-party products such as ColdFusion, Google App Engine, and Spring.

Current Release

BigMemory Max 4.4.0 (October 2022) is the latest release. It includes Ehcache 2.11.

Fixes are cumulative from version to version.

Deprecation Notice: As previously announced in October 2021, the BigMemory WAN Replication module and Web Sessions products have been deprecated and are no longer distributed or updated as part of BigMemory products.

Feature Highlights

BigMemory Max 4.4.0 introduced the following new capabilities:

  • Support for Java 11
  • Support for RedHat EL9 (server)
  • Support for Windows Server 2022
  • Provide logs in JSON format for better searchability and performance
  • Docker images with Logging as a service (LaaS) support
  • Voter process now available with Docker image
  • Various bug fixes and security fixes

Existing Features

Security Updates

  • Contains all security updates included in BigMemory Max 4.3.x


  • Contains all defect solutions included in BigMemory Max 4.3.x