The 4.0.1 release primarily is a GA release of BigMemory Go, fixing the issues below.

BigMemory Go 4.0.1 Resolved Issues

  • DEV-9180 - Setting maxEntriesInCache to -1 dynamically doesn’t work
  • DEV-8953 - Fails to start up if logs directory removed 
  • DEV-9046 - Unsecured REST agents accept TMS connection with secure parameters
  • DEV-9075 - Intermittent issue: “There are no CacheManagers” message shown in TMC’s Application Tab
  • DEV-9216 - Issue configuring ini-based security; Workaround: create a dummy keychain file.  e.g. on unix execute “touch ~/.tc/mgmt/keychain”, prior to restarting the TMS after enabling security