Terracotta Server 4.3 is the latest release of Open Source edition of the Terracotta Server. It includes Ehcache 2.10.0

New Features

Terracotta Server 4.3 includes the following capabilities

  1. Distributed storage (limited: 1 server stripe – active with optional mirror, unlimited client nodes)
  2. Key/Value Offheap (basic RAM storage)
  3. Support for Java 8
  4. Support for RedHat EL7 (server)

Known Issues in 4.3.0

  • 4984 - Port 9520 is no longer valid.  Actual IP address will show versus the loopback one.

  • 5557 - When large number of clients simultaneously connect with the TSA server it could result in NullPointerException and server gets terminated.

  • 5737 - Error message when trying to start servers in active-active mode does not give meaningful information.