Resolved Issues in Ehcache 2.7.0

[EHC-394] - Prevent Elements to be stored in both MemoryStore and ClusteredStore

[EHC-739] - OSGi headers in the MANIFEST

[EHC-925] - Unsafe type cast in class net.sf.ehcache.event.RegisteredEventListeners constructor

[EHC-932] - Premature eviction notifications

[EHC-939] - BlockingCache.get sometimes returns null without holding lock

[EHC-948] - Clustered caches should honor sizeOf policy

[EHC-951] - Improve error messages for ARC

[EHC-970] - CacheManager.addCacheIfAbsent is not thread-safe

[EHC-979] - Try and get rid of Unsafe usage in net.sf.ehcache.util.concurrent.*

[EHC-980] - Remove key level pinning

[EHC-981] - Remove PinningConfiguration.Store#LOCALHEAP

[EHC-986] - Log/Warn when user sets a CachingTier to unbound

[EHC-992] - Dynamic maxEntriesLocalHeap not honored

[EHC-995] - CHMv8 internalReplace doesn’t account for Element.equals