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The latest Terracotta Server Open Source release is Terracotta 4.3.0

Release and Platform Compatibility Information

Terracotta software products and projects are made available in several packaged kits. In addition to releasing individual products/projects as kits (such as Ehcache and Quartz Scheduler), the Terracotta kit is a package that includes the Terracotta Server and Ehcache

The following tables provide the most current information on these releases.

Current Releases - Release Notes

Terracotta 4.3.0 Release Notes

Release Date Release Notes Notes
Terracotta 4.3.0, Ehcache 2.10.0 2 April 2015 Terracotta 4.3.0 Release Notes  
Quartz 2.2.1   Changelist for Quartz 2.2.1  

Understanding Terracotta Kit Names and Version Numbers

Kit names include the kit content (whether it is an individual product/project - such as Ehcache - or a full Terracotta kit), a version, and possibly some additional attributes.

Terracotta kits have a version number that in general refers to the platform version.

A kit version number can also have one of the following attributes to indicate its purpose or a change other than to the platform:

  • _ (Underscore) – A kit containing the same platform as the non-underscore version but at least one major Terracotta component with a version change. Major components are Ehcache, Quartz Scheduler, Sessions, and the Toolkit. For example Terracotta 3.4.0_1 is identical to Terracotta 3.4.0 except that Ehcache 2.3.0 was replaced with Ehcache 2.3.1.
  • ee – Included in the name indicates that this is an Enterprise Edition product release (a commercial version that requires a license to run) as opposed to an Open Source project release.
  • Beta – A pre-release kit intended for beta testing.
  • RC (Release Candidate) – A kit that is a candidate to become the final release unless issues are discovered that must be fixed before a final release is made. A release candidate is suitable for late-stage testing.
  • SNAPSHOT – Snapshots reflect the code as it currently exists, and are not official releases. Snapshot kits can change daily and may have functional and performance issues. For example, Terracotta 3.5.0-SNAPSHOT may be suitable for early testing purposes, but is not recommended for POCs.
  • patch – A patch to an ee (Enterprise Edition) kit. See below for more details.

Software Patches

Patches are a provided for ee (Enterprise Edition) kits for commercial customers only. For more information on using software patches, see Patches.


Bullet 3.5.3_THIRD_PARTY_LICENSE.pdf (application/pdf)
Bullet 3.5.2_THIRD_PARTY_LICENSE.pdf (application/pdf)