New Features

  • New backup and restore functionality added to the server

Summary of Changes in

  • Resolved

    • 2360 - Fixed issue where there were loss of entries on Ehcache when performing failover during put operations

    • It is highly recommended for users to upgrade/install Terracotta DB 10.1 Fix1 due to defect fixes for feature and performance improvements.

  • Known Issues

    • None

Summary of Changes in 10.1

  • Resolved

    • 1792 - Removed struct feature from restartable offheap-store
    • 1803 - Disallowed duplicate data root identifiers and overlapping data root paths
    • 1821 - Multi-strip set-up:
      • Before you create a cluster, start at least one server on each of the stripes which are going to be part of the cluster.
      • Use the configure command of the cluster tool to configure a cluster, specifying the Terracotta configuration file for all required stripes.
        For more details about usage of the cluster tool, refer to the cluster tool documentation in the section The Cluster Tool.
    • 2168 - Fixed issue with restarting an FRS-enabled server after a cache creation failed due to insufficient size allocation
    • 2319 - ‘Restartable’ configuration attribute is now optional
  • Known Issues

    • None

Known Limitations With This Release

  • Client-to-server connections have limited reconnection capabilities.  Work-around (for potentially long network interruptions) can be to increase the configured reconnect timeout window.
  • Data inconsistency can occur from split-brain scenarios
  • Security features are not yet enabled


  • Terracotta BigMemory 4.x and Terracotta DB 10.x clients cannot be used simultaneously in the same application without using ClassLoader separation when initializing at least one of the clients.