Terracotta 3.5.4

Terracotta 3.5.4 includes Ehcache 2.4.7 and Quartz 2.1.2
Terracotta Installer Binary. The installer binary contains the Terracotta open source kit bundled with Ehcache and Quartz, packaged as an installer. Just run java -jar terracotta-3.5.4-installer.jar.
Terracotta 3.5.4 Installer Binary Download

Terracotta 3.5.4 Tarball Binary Download

Ehcache 2.4.7

Ehcache Distribution With Terracotta Support. This the latest open source GA release of Ehcache with Terracotta support built-in. Download this if you want just the Ehcache core bundle, but want to be able to add Terracotta distributed caching with two lines of configuration.
Ehcache 2.4.7 Download

Ehcache Core 2.4.7 is the latest maintenance release for Ehcache 2.4
Ehcache Core 2.4.7 Download

Quartz 2.1.2

Quartz 2.1.2 Download