Ehcache-monitor is EOL. It is not supported for later versions of BigMemory or Ehcache.

Changes in Ehcache-monitor 1.0.3

Bug Fix
  • 6061 - Fix to licensing file

Changes in Ehcache-monitor 1.0.2

New Features
  • Added Support for BigMemory

Bug Fixes

See Jira for bug fix list

Known Open Issues

  • EHC-761 error in Firebug when reloading the store attached to a chart in a tab that is not visible
    • Workaround: Reload the chart
  • Ehcache Monitor does not connect to probe without Internet connection.
    • Workaround: Ensure that the /etc/hosts file gives the host’s true IP addresss (not
    • alternately: remove a -J …jetty.xml parameter from the startup.bat script