The Terracotta 3.4.0_1 kit includes Terracotta 3.4.0, Ehcache 2.3.1 and Quartz 1.8.4. Please see Ehcache 2.3.1 Release Notes for further information on changes

Release Notes for Terracotta 3.4.0

New Feature

BigMemory for the Terracotta Server Array (L2)

BigMemory is an add-on product for Enterprise Ehcache and the Terracotta Server Array. It provides an off-heap cache that is not subject to Garbage Collection (GC). By avoiding performance-killing GC pauses, BigMemory allows Java applications to use as much memory as required. It works everywhere Ehcache works — for stand-alone and distributed caches — with no changes to application code and no special JVM or operating system requirements. It is available in two forms:

Additional Improvements

  • Developer console improvements
  • Platform Updates
    • Certification on JDK 1.6.0_22

Expected Updates and Scheduled Bug Fixes

in the Terracotta 3.4.0 Server Array and Kit CDV Jira Project

If You Are Upgrading: Terracotta Integration Modules in the Terracotta Toolkit

Users upgrading from a version earlier than 3.3.0 should note that the following Terracotta Integration Modules (TIMs) are now part of the Terracotta Toolkit JAR:

  • tim-concurrent-collections
  • tim-distributed-cache
  • tim-annotations
  • tim-async-processing

Product installation does not require specifying these TIMs. See the product documentation for more information on installing Terracotta products with the Terracotta Toolkit JAR.

Known Issues
  • DEV-4875: Clustered Offheap statistics show allocated offheap space rather than offheap occupied in Terracotta Developer Console Graphs. This is as designed but should be noted as it may cause confusion.