Release Notes for Terracotta 3.4.1

Terracotta 3.4.1 is a bug fix release. The kit includes Ehcache 2.3.2 and Quartz 1.8.4

  • 5207 - Fix deadlock in server map eviction
  • 5123 - Fix to Developer Console cacheable region reporting error in Hibernate panel
  • 5053 - Updated MBean tunneling to stop unnecessary JMX communication from Client to Server
  • 5113 - Fix to issue with Active/Passive Server setup. GC thread could get stuck on Passive Server causing OffHeap to fill up, disk to fill up and crash Passive
  • 5105 - Fix to recover correctly from split-brain in Passive during restart, causing incomplete transactions
  • 5077 - Fix to OOME during DGC immediately after Eviction

Release Notes for Terracotta 3.4.0

New Feature

BigMemory for the Terracotta Server Array (L2)

BigMemory is an add-on product for Enterprise Ehcache and the Terracotta Server Array. It provides an off-heap cache that is not subject to Garbage Collection (GC). By avoiding performance-killing GC pauses, BigMemory allows Java applications to use as much memory as required. It works everywhere Ehcache works — for stand-alone and distributed caches — with no changes to application code and no special JVM or operating system requirements. It is available in two forms:

Additional Improvements

  • Developer console improvements
  • Platform Updates
    • Certification on JDK 1.6.0_22

Expected Updates and Scheduled Bug Fixes

in the Terracotta 3.4.0 Server Array and Kit CDV Jira Project

If You Are Upgrading: Terracotta Integration Modules in the Terracotta Toolkit

Users upgrading from a version earlier than 3.3.0 should note that the following Terracotta Integration Modules (TIMs) are now part of the Terracotta Toolkit JAR:

  • tim-concurrent-collections
  • tim-distributed-cache
  • tim-annotations
  • tim-async-processing

Product installation does not require specifying these TIMs. See the product documentation for more information on installing Terracotta products with the Terracotta Toolkit JAR.

Known Issues
  • DEV-4875: Clustered Offheap statistics show allocated offheap space rather than offheap occupied in Terracotta Developer Console Graphs. This is as designed but should be noted as it may cause confusion.