BigMemory Max 4.0.1 is a General Availability ("GA") release of BigMemory Max 4.

Summary of Changes 

Scale & Performance

BigMemory Max 4.0.1 scales and performs to even higher limits.  Some improvements include optimizations to bulk load catering to the new simplified resource management introduced in BigMemory 4 and performance improvements for data access on re-join.


BigMemory Max 4.0.1 has significant enhancements to Search performance and usability.

Terracotta Management Platform

BigMemory Max 4.0.1 brings significant enhancements to Terracotta management platform based on customer feedback.  It includes many user interface improvements in TMC and support for additional REST APIs.

Terracotta Web Sessions

Support for Web Sessions is included in BigMemory Max 4.0.1 kit. For more information, see Release Notes


Configuring Security for the Terracotta Server Array

The Terracotta keychain file for the Terracotta Server Array (TSA) now uses the obfuscation scheme by default. If you have configured security for the TSA, and prefer to retain the original encryption scheme for the keychain file, you must explicitly configure the following secret provider in the Terracotta configuration file:

<servers security="true">
<server ... >

Simplified Configuration of tc-config

If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Terracotta configuration, note that tc-config.xml has extensive changes:

See the TSA Configuration Reference for a complete listing and definitions of configuration elements.

Configuration changes to admin.xml (when upgrading from 4.0.0 to 4.0.1)

TMS has changed admin.xml format. While upgrading to 4.0.1 from 4.0.0, a new file will be created and the old configuration information will be available in a backup file in folder : ~/mgmt/server/. Connections can also be established using TMC via the new Connection link on home page.

BigMemory Max 4.0.0:
<cluster id="MyLocalCluster">
<agent name="Connection" agentLocation="http://localhost:9530"/>

BigMemory Max 4.0.1:
<cluster id="MyLocalCluster" agentLocation="http://localhost:9530" />

Platform Changes

BigMemory Max 4.0.1 is certified to run on Oracle Solaris 11 and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6. It supports additional containers including new versions of Oracle WebLogic and IBM WebSphere Application Server.  Please refer to the Platform Support Page for details.

Known Issues