Release Notes for Standalone commercial Ehcache 2.6.0

Standalone commercial Ehcache 2.6.0 features new and improved standalone Ehcache including a full fault tolerant restartable store, search enhancements, and more.

Summary of Changes


If you are upgrading from a previous version of Ehcache, note the following changes.

If you are upgrading from a substantially older version of Ehcache, you must refer to the release notes for major intervening releases.

DiskStorePath Methods Removed

A CacheManager's diskstore path cannot be changed once it is set in configuration. If the diskstore path is changed, the CacheManager must be recycled for the new path to take effect.

The following methods, which implied that the diskstore path could be changed programmatically, have been removed:

The correct way to programmatically set a diskstore path is:

DiskStoreConfiguration diskStoreConfiguration = new


// Already created a configuration object ...

CacheManager mgr = new CacheManager(configuration);

CacheManager Creation Methods

CacheManager creation methods have evolved over the past few releases of Ehcache. To find out more about how CacheManager creation is handled, see this document.

OverflowToDisk and DiskPersistent Attributes Deprecated

Previous disk persistence configuration elements will continue to work, but it is strongly recommended to remove them and use the new persistence strategy options. For more information, refer to Upgrading to Ehcache 2.6.

Platform Changes

Known Issues and Limitations

Please email any questions you have regarding this release to pm <at>