Quartz Manager 1.0.2

Bug fix release

Resolved Issues

Quartz Manager 1.0.1

Update the Quartz Manager to run with the 2.1.0 version of Quartz Scheduler.

Resolved Issues

Quartz Manager 1.0.0


Quartz Manager provides enterprise-class monitoring and management capabilities for use in both development and production. It provides access to one or more Quartz Scheduler instances from a single web console. The application runs either as a Java web app in your own container (such as Tomcat), or as a standalone Java app with its own Jetty container. The app functions as a JMX client to the remote Quartz Schedulers. The web user interface is an Adobe Flex client application that runs in web browsers with an Adobe FlashPlayer plug-in.



Note: some features, such as the ability to schedule triggers, and to add and schedule job in a single step - as described in the product documentation packaged with the product - require Quartz 2.0

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