Release Notes for Fremantle Beta 1


Fremantle is the code name for the next major release of Enterprise Ehcache, Quartz Scheduler and the Terracotta Enterprise Suite:

Summary of Changes

Enterprise Ehcache

Quartz Scheduler

About Ehcache Search

The Ehcache Search API allows you to execute arbitrarily complex queries against Ehcache. The standalone Ehcache Search implementation is limited to the memoryStore (ie it has no support for diskStore or BigMemory - aka offHeapStore). Ehcache Search support for distributed caches is an Enterprise-only feature, and is designed to work across all Terracotta server storage tiers (memory, BigMemory, and disk).

The easiest way to get started with the API is to try the sample application posted on github. This includes a ready to run bundle for *nix (just download, unpack, and execute with 'sh'). This bundle also includes a maven pom to rebuild (using the latest SNAPSHOT rather than that in the bundle):

Ehcache Search docs are here:

New configuration options

Ehcache rejoin on disconnect from Terracotta Server Array can be enabled as follows in ehcache.xml:

<terracottaConfig rejoin="true" url="localhost:9510" />

For non-stop, the config is changed such that you can declare it as part of cache config as

<cache name="sampleTerracottaCache"
        <nonStop enabled=true

In addition to the existing "xa" option, Ehcache now supports two new transaction modes:

A sample that demonstrates the new transaction modes is available here:

About Quartz Scheduler 2.0

Please see the What's new in Quartz 2.0 document here ....Add link to James' 2.0 Doc

Note: Quartz Where is only supported when using the TerracottaJobStore, and is an enterprise-only feature.

Expected Updates and Scheduled Bug Fixes

CDV Project Jira fixes
EHC Project scheduled fixes for Ehcache 2.4.0

Beta Notes


Specific items which are planned for the final release, but are not included in Beta 1

Please email any questions you have regarding the beta to pm <at>