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Visualize Stats

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Import directly from the server

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Get the Snapshot Visualization Tool


The Snapshot Visualization Tool is being phased out and may not work correctly with more recent versions of Terracotta clusters.


The Snapshot Visualization Tool allows you to see the snapshots you've recorded. You can see all of the stats in a single page, including:

  • CPU
  • Memory Usage
  • Txns
  • Thread Dumps
  • Disk Activity
  • Terracotta Statistics (SEDA Queue Depths, L1 L2 Fault Flush etc)
  • and much more!

Installation Instructions

Terracotta 2.7+ Users

  • For the standard distribution, execute:
      TC_HOME/bin/ install tim-svt (.bat for Windows)
  • For the DSO Eclipse plug-in, use the Terracotta|Update modules... menu.

The Developer Console will automatically detect and launch the SVT when you press the "View" statistics button. Also, you can select Tools|Show SVT... from the main menu.

Terracotta 2.6 Users

  • Download the svt-1.0.4.jar
  • Copy into your TC_HOME/lib directory
  • Restart the Admin Console