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Release Notes for Fremantle Beta 1


Fremantle is the project name for the next major release of Ehcache, Quartz and the Terracotta platform, namely:

  • Ehcache 2.4.0
  • Quartz 2.0.0
  • Terracotta 3.5.0

Summary of Changes


  • Addition of Ehcache Search (see below)
  • Improvements to Enterprise Ehcache Disk Store (for use in conjunction with BigMemory)
  • New local and local_jta Ehcache transaction modes
  • NonStopCache is now in core
  • Explicit locking is now in core


  • New fluent configuration API (see below)
  • Quartz Where - permitting control of where jobs execute in a clustered environment through node groups and node type constraints

About Ehcache Search

The Ehcache Search API allows you to execute arbitrarily complex queries against Ehcache. The standalone Ehcache Search implementation is limited to the memoryStore (ie it has no support for diskStore or BigMemory - aka offHeapStore). Ehcache Search support for distributed caches is an Enterprise-only feature, and is designed to work across all Terracotta server storage tiers (memory, BigMemory, and disk).

The easiest way to get started with the API is to try the sample application posted on github. This includes a ready to run bundle for *nix (just download, unpack, and execute with 'sh'). This bundle also includes a maven pom to rebuild (using the latest SNAPSHOT rather than that in the bundle):

Ehcache Search docs are here:

About Quartz 2.0

Please see the What's new in Quartz 2.0 document here ....Add link to James' 2.0 Doc

Note: Quartz Where is only supported when using the TerracottaJobStore, and is an enterprise-only feature.

Expected Updates and Scheduled Bug Fixes

CDV Project Jira fixes
EHC Project scheduled fixes for Ehcache 2.4.0

Beta Notes


  • APIs (Ehcache Search, Quartz 2.0 etc) are subject to change
  • The implementation is not performance tuned

Specific items which are planned for the final release, but are not included in Beta 1

  • Monitoring of new features via JMX
  • Ehcache Search is supported with Terracotta clustered caches, however Active/Passive server failover will not be supported in Beta 1
  • Ehcache NonStopCache is now in the Terracotta core kit, but in Beta 1 is off by default (the intent is that it will be the default mode of operation)
  • Ehcache Search: excecuteAndRemove, cache metadata search (TBD)
  • Quartz Locality (ehcacheConstraint)
  • Developer Console updates to support Quartz 2.0
  • Ehcache Write Behind updates
  • Ehcache rejoin on disconnect from Terracotta Server
  • Ehcache Terracotta clustering - new default mode
  • Server-side (L2) BigMemory enhancement (eg better defaults, removal of chunk/segment size restrictions, auto-tuning of chunk and segment sizes, better protection from OOMEs, ...)
  • Updated Extjs toolkit in Ehcache Monitor
  • Usability improvements to Ehcache Monitor

Please email any questions you have regarding the beta to pm <at>

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