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  • BigMemory Max 4.2

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  • 4093 - TMC does not start up if bigmemory root directory contains any spaces. 
  • 4126 - TMC LDAP configuration page throws null pointer exception when certain fields are left empty.
  • 4588 - Sync fail fast works on per-master basis versus per-replica basis.
  • 4743 - Additional TSA or orchestrator processes fail to start from the same machine when JMS port is configured by environment variables.
  • 4773 - TMC: Administration - Off-line data tab is not functional. 
  • 4953 - TMC: off-line data cache column flickers.
  • 4966 - WAN JMX randomly displays too high value for Master Orchestrator TPS.
  • 4987 - Unable to authenticate using self-signed certificate in 4.2.0.
  • 5011 - Marking all events as read could lead to socket timeout error.
  • 5045 - TMC: 500 Internal Server Error appears when trying to READ and Unread Events.
  • 5080 - TMC: When trying to disable single cache, not seeing the change with 500 plus clients.
  • 5081 - TMC: When disabling caches, it takes a long time to disable all 500 caches simultaneously.
  • 5092 - TMC - New name is not saved in the setting panel when renaming connection group.
  • 5093 - TMC: Unable to delete group name after deleting connection link name.
  • 5100 - TMC: When TSA cluster is connected with 440 clients, it takes a while to show all 440 caches in the management panel.
  • 5119 - TMC: When App Data tab is clicked from Landing Overview page for cluster connection, it does not navigate to Application Data | Overview.
  • 5121 - TMC: When editing the cluster connection timeouts from the setting panel, after saving the new changes, cluster connection goes to the loading status in the Landing overview page.
  • 5156 - Enabling periodic DGC (non-default) with ExpandingBitSetObjectIDSet (default) can lead to a server crash with NPE or StackOverflowException.

    • Resolution

      • Either disable periodic DGC if possible, or set objectID set implementation to BitSetObjectIDSet by adding the following to your tc-config.xml: