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  • Release Notes Terracotta 3.4 Ehcache 2.3 Beta

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  • There are known issues with Memory sizing in 32bit Operating Systems. We recommend that you only use 64bit Operating Systems when using this Beta.
  • For Distributed Ehcache, the first release does not support BigMemory on client nodes (L1s), but rather only on Terracotta Server Array (L2s).
  • On Firefox and Chrome the Ehcache Monitor charts may go blank.
    • Workaround: refresh browser
  • EHC-781 Large caches get slow if onHeap cache set to a low number.
    • Workaround: make the minimum onheap cache size something like 1024
  • The Terracotta Developer Console will not show OffHeap statistics in the Beta. These statistics are available via JMX
  • Terracotta-ee-3.4-BETA kit file INSTALL.txt refers to the license file as product.key, the correct name is terracotta-license.key
  • Incorrect version listed in ehache CHANGELOG.txt in the Terracotta 3.4 .0 Beta kit. Refers to 2.2.0, should indicate 2.3.0

Please email any questions you have regarding the beta to pm <at>