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  • Terracotta Ehcache 10.2 Release Notes
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Terracotta Ehcache is a standards-based cache that boosts performance, offloads your database, and simplifies scalability. It's the most widely-used Java-based cache because it's robust, proven, full-featured, and integrates with other popular libraries and frameworks. Terracotta Ehcache scales from in-process caching, all the way to mixed inprocess/out-of-process deployments with terabyte-sized caches. Terracotta Ehcache strengthens the distributed caching capabilities via a new generation of Terracotta server with support for high-availability and improved performance. Features include: An API that leverages Java generics and simplifies Cache interactions, Full compatibility with javax.cache API (JSR-107), Offeap storage capabilities, including offeap-only caches, Out of the box Spring Caching and Hibernate integration thanks to the javax.cache support, and many more ...

New Features

    • AWS as a supported platform for Terracotta DB
    • Terracotta DB now supports docker-based container orchestration using Kubernetes
    • Advanced support for resilient failover through improved "Failover-tuning" option
    • Resiliency support for improved re-connection for Ehcache clients
    • Security enhancements including SSL support for Encryption and Authentication
    • Numerous operational usability enhancements including Latency statistics and Query statistics monitoring

Summary of Changes


  • 3290 – Resolved issue where TMC may incorrectly display ACTIVE state for a Terracotta DB server which is shutdown.

Known Issues

  • 3119 - Cluster tool fails to connect to server when the bind address is different from host

Summary of Changes


  • 3066 - Resolved hybrid storage mode race condition that may occur between appender and reader threads for doing fsync when there are read and writes in parallel; which then may lead to server crash.
  • 3152 - The security documentation updated with information on certificate rotation

Known Issues

  • 3119 - Cluster tool fails to connect to server when the bind address is different from host

Summary of Changes in

  • Resolved

    • 2966 - Cluster tool "status" command shows inconsistent stripe contents

    • 2801 - "common name" in the server’s TLS/SSL certificate is not validated properly

    • 2450 - Two servers in a stripe can be mistakenly displayed as ACTIVE in TMC

    • 2993 - Improve impact of thread interrupt during reconnection

    • 2969 - ipwhitelist-reload returns success even if the command fails

    • 3022 - Reconnect attempts should use a distinct timeout

    • 3014 - fixed multiple cases where reconnect can fail

  • Known Issues

    • None


  • Terracotta BigMemory 4.x and Terracotta DB 10.x clients cannot be used simultaneously in the same application without using ClassLoader separation when initializing at least one of the clients.
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