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Examinator: A Scalable Enterprise Java Reference Implementation

Examinator is a scalable, open-source reference web application designed for high performance, high-availability, and scalability. Examinator comes with Terracotta clustering and is built using a best-of-breed web-application stack that includes Spring, Hibernate, Ehcache, Quartz Scheduler, and an open-source database server.

Examinator takes the form of a test-proctoring application that illustrates how adding Terracotta to an application delivers the following benefits:

  • High-performance – Consistent low latency response times under high load
  • High-availability – Eliminate downtime due to failure or planned downtime
  • Scale-out – Able to adapt to growing load
  • Database offload – Substantial gains in speed and efficiency

At its core, Examinator is an example implementation of a pattern whereby conversational state across multiple requests is made transparently durable using simple Java data structures and an intuitive and natural application programming model.

The database is offloaded by synchronizing data in the database with local memory, allowing the application to serve requests from local memory and thus relieving the database from the tedious chore of serving up repeated requests for the same data.

Quick Start: To get started right away, see the Examinator Quick Start, which takes you through the steps of downloading and running the application on your local system.

Examinator comes with Terracotta clustering, but is no longer a DSO-based application.

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