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About Terracotta Documentation

This documentation is about Terracotta DSO, an advanced distributed-computing technology aimed at meeting special clustering requirements.

Terracotta products without the overhead and complexity of DSO meet the needs of almost all use cases and clustering requirements. To learn how to migrate from Terracotta DSO to standard Terracotta products, see Migrating From Terracotta DSO. To find documentation on non-DSO (standard) Terracotta products, see Terracotta Documentation. Terracotta release information, such as release notes and platform compatibility, is found in Product Information.

Release: 3.6
Publish Date: November, 2011

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Using Maven with Terracotta

The following is the default Maven repository for Terracotta:

Using Maven Projects in Terracotta

See the Terracotta Maven plugin page in the Terracotta Forge:

The Terracotta Maven plugin is in the standard mode by default. To use it with DSO, you must set the mode to DSO. See the plugin page for more information.

The following Maven sample projects are available:

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