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  • 3.2.2 Release Notes
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3.2.2 Is a Bug Fix release

The following issues were addressed

NOTE: 3.2.2 is an EX/FX release only. All fixes are available in trunk-nightlies and the upcoming Summer 2010 Release

  • DEV-3956
  • fix clearing references does not look at the fields in the superclass of the physical objects
  • DEV-3972
  • Fix for Assertion Error in process transaction stage after client shutdown
  • DEV-3994
  • allow pin() and unpin() during txn apply
  • DEV-4081
  • Fix for java.util.ConcurrentModificationException
  • DEV-4047
  • Fix to stop Dev console where expanding the object graph while browsing objects during a change
    in Active Server takeover may cause crash
  • DEV-4092
  • Fix to a split-brain scenario with two Active servers in one group, messages could get
    dropped after split-brain resolved.
  • CDV-1475, CDV-1472, DEV-3488
  • Updates to resolve conflicts with JDK 6 updates 18, 19 and 20
  • DEV-3897
  • Fix for cluster-wide thread dumps that used to take too long to process and cause the server to stall and sometimes
    disconnect from the client.
  • DEV-4049
  • Fix to exception caused re-applying a transaction after an Active Server is restarted as Passive.
  • DEV-4183
  • Change StandardClassProvider to prefer a non-system loader
  • DEV-3932
  • Changed GroupTickerTokenManager to a setting in the properties file, with a default of 1 second
    l2.objectmanager.dgc.enterpriseMarkStageInterval = 1000
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